Environmental Vandals Adani Secretly Applied to Raid the Home of Brisbane Activist

27.08.2020: Multinational, environmental vandals Adani secretly sought to raid the Brisbane home of an activist to seize evidence but failed twice, court documents have revealed. Adani and its Carmichael Rail Network applied for a search order, known as an Anton Piller order, against Benjamin Pennings in June this year.

It claimed Benjamin Pennings had possession of “confidential information on a computer at his home” which was being used in a concerted campaign of “intimidation and conspiracy” against the Galilee Basin coal project. As part of the application, Adani claimed Benjamin had information to which only company executives and other select staff and contractors had access.

Anton Piller orders are searches carried out without notice to the defendant to ensure that supposed “evidence” can’t be destroyed and is preserved to be used in judicial proceedings. Adani’s court application and subsequent appeal in July were also heard “ex parte”, meaning they were both heard without notice, IE in secret.

Adani has described Benjamin Pennings as the “principal” of a group of political activists called the “Galilee Blockade”, whose objective is to prevent the development of the mine and railway. In rejecting Adani and Carmichael Rail Network’s appeal last week, the Court of Appeal ruled the evidence was “wholly inadequate to justify the order sought”. The Court of Appeal also raised concerns about the impact of a search order could have had on Bejamin Pennings’ partner and children.

In a statement, Benjamin said that he would not be intimidated by Adani’s attack dog legal strategy.

“My wife and I have three school-aged children living at home, one with a disability. Adani has failed in two recent Supreme Court applications to raid our family home for corporate secrets they believe I possess. They want to silence dissent about their destructive thermal coal project that a majority of Australians oppose. I will not let a massive multinational company threaten or bankrupt my family.”

While the Appeal Court ruling was a win for Benjamin, court documents have revealed that Adani are still waging a malicious campaign against him, they are now resorting to financial terrorism by taking civil damages action.

Clearly Adani are out of control, yet another bunch of ecocidal scumbags who have been emboldened by the ongoing criminalisation of legitimate protest at both state and federal levels. Fuck Adani.

(information culled from mainstream news)

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